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New bill wants to record every EMS transport in Maine


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After the death of a patient, a Maine State Senator is proposing a bill that would require every ambulance in Maine to record patient transports.

What are your throughs on this?  Does anyone use cameras in their ambulance now either in the front, back or both?

What is your policy on fixed cameras in the ambulance?


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who is the keeper of the tapes?  who is the keeper of the privacy of these patients?  Who has access to these tapes, does the legislature address this in the bill?  

I've known some truly shady providers and there are some douchebag shit heads out there and it's a shame that we now have to have this type of protection out there for the patient but I'm more a proponent of this bill for the provider's in case they get a accusation lodged against them that isn't true.  It has always been the patients word against the medic/provider and on this site as well, we've always crucified the medic before the true facts have been known in some cases, that in essence the patient made it up.  then the providers life is ruined.  


So as long as the tapes are kept private until needed, only authorized people can see the tapes and the media can't get them until the investigation is in full swing, then I'm for this legistation.

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Interesting.   I think a lot will have to do with how management handles the information on the files.   Will it be archived securely in the event of litigation or will it be reviewed for quality improvement/witch-hunt reasons?

Would medicare / medicaid want access to the files to validate billing?


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