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Alright guys two things. Here's the deal. I am considering starting my critical care paramedic education process. They offer a satellite campus of the CCEMT-P class nearby me but I also found the University of Florida Critical Care Paramedic program that can be done online that you come to Florida to do a cadaver lab and have two days of clinicals, and the Creighton University Critical Cara Paramedic program is also online but does require clinicals in your local area. I know many people do like the CCEMT-P course but did anyone have any issues with it? Did it allow you time to practice skills, etc. Does anyone have any experience with the University of Florida CCP or the Creighton University CCP courses. Trying to get a good wealth of reviews and experiences in each program if I can.


Also I have the Brady (Bledsoe authored) Critical Care Paramedic textbook, is that a valid critical care book to start my self studies in, or should I just go ahead and pay for the Critical Care Transport book that the AAOS puts out? 



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The Bledsoe textbook is a decent primer to critical care. I'm not too familiar with the US CCEMT-P education requirements but I know Bledsoe's text is just scratching the surface by the Canadian Critical Care Paramedic standard. I would dive significantly deeper if you want to be good at it. UpToDate is an excellent resource with regular evidence based practice updates. It isn't cheap but worthwhile resources rarely are.

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