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It happened again - same town - 7 months later

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Clinton MO, 03/06   7 months to the day and nearly the exact damn time of my brother in laws murder(also a Clinton MO police officer) at the hands of a felon in possession of a gun, we have another Clinton MO police officer gunned down while trying to apprehend a man in a home on a domestic disturbance.  Two other Clinton officers were shot as well.   the shooter is dead, hopefully one of the officers who were shot got off the kill shot.  

this makes me mad, makes me sick, makes me heartbroken, makes me bewildered and makes me cry.  We ask ourselves why?  Why the killing and why the war (in my opinion) on Police?  I have no answers.  I'm numb. 

I need to go home and take my girls to church, my son to youth and my wife needs to get over the flu.  I need to sit in a quiet place and wait for my kids to get out of their AWANA's program.  

Hug your families, get home safely and realize that You are the only one of you they have.  

God bless all of ya,  Ruff


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well it turns out that they have charged the woman who told the officers that there was no-one in the home and allowed them to go inside.  the prosecutor said that had she have said that there was someone inside then the officers would have gone in in a entire different approach.  She is charged with 2nd degree murder.  

The guy was a felon who should never have been out but he was, his 2nd address basically was the missouri prison system.  

Both of those pillars of the community deserve what they get and got.  

The funeral and the outpouring from the community is simply incredible.  900 officers attended my brother in laws funeral in some sort of capacity or another(50 officers patrolled the city and county allowing every county officer to go to the funeral) and the same happened this time.  

While both officers lied in state, there was not a single minute where Gary's or Ryan's body was not without a honor Guard standing by over their casket.  24 hours a day every day till they were laid to rest.  

Humbling to say the least.  

After time to reflect, I'm no longer angry, I've forgiven both the men who did this, I'm more looking to see what can we do to end this all out assault on our law enforcement, public safety and correction officers lives.  Yes they know that this can happen but it SHOULD NOT.  What can we do as a society to decrease this?  I don't really know. 

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