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Where to get 911 emt experience in socal

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Hello all, im just an emt student halfway through the semester. I'm interested in becoming a paramedic so I'd like 911 experience but when looking into it, it seems fire takes care of everything and we just transport. I dont know anything so any guidance is helpful. I'm located in la county. Because I'm just a student I'm sure my idea of the job is slightly skewed but like I said, any words are helpful. 

Thank you 

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The easy, but maybe not so pratical advice I can give is to get out of southern California. Very archaic EMS. I don't live in the area these days but I've heard good things about Kern (and to a lesser extent Ventura, Santa Baraba, and SLO counties) if you're looking to stay in the immediate area. Maybe talk to services outside LA for your ambulance rotation.

I'd recommend moving interstate if you're seriously considering a career in EMS. Good luck 

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Similar to what ParaMatt_ said is to look at the Care Bears in the Orange County Area, the one thing I caution you though is that they do have a track record for injuring many people myself included.  You will have to stick to your guns when it comes to lifting principals.   I will also warn you that getting into 911 EMS in any part of SoCal is extremely competitive even in Kern County. 


I am going to catch a lot of heat for this but you will need to bolster your resume(depending on previous life experiences) with other jobs prior, either in EMS or out. 


Feel free to ask some more questions I will stick around for a while...

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