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Hi I have posted on here before but the thread was somewhat old and my conditions have changed. I work in a steel mill as a computer operator, keeping track of all the computer systems and what not. But once i leave work I am also a volunteer firefighter and first-responder. My steel mill is rather large, so we do have our own fire department and ambulance service. However, the mill can be very tricky to get around and sometimes it takes a rather long time for them to find the incident. There's an EMT class coming up and i talked to my general foreman and explained to them that since I already have my first responders cert that it might benefit them if I was EMT certified as well. They agreed and they are going to cover my schooling completely. GREAT!!! That being said i was wondering what kind of things I should put in a jumpbag that I can keep in my work truck so i always have it nearby. Any ideas would be great. thanks guys.

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Uppy, I remember your last post.  

You should be getting your jump back provided by the company if you are going to respond to incidents on their property.  they should buy you a kit. 

As for what you have on hand for personal use,  Amazon offers a great first aid bag/pack that I just purchased for our Trail Life troop.  It covers most emergencies except for major trauma and for that you just need to add additional items in the bag.  I'm pretty sure this was it.   https://www.amazon.com/Dixie-First-Responder-Stocked-Trauma/dp/B00IXPMRAA/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1504029311&sr=8-3&keywords=emt%2Bkit&th=1

 I am personally going to purchase this one for my own use and on camp outs.  But I'll get rid of the oxygen supplies as we don't have anything of that sort.  Gonna keep the BVM though.  



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I'm really not responding to calls so much as i'm just helping out per say. I work 12 hour shifts at my job and I already have helped a couple people here already. I don't look to get paid for calls more of a just being a good citizen since I have more medical skills than 99% of the people here. But thank you for your input! :)

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"More medical skills than 99% of the people here." WOW. Either you are surrounded by complete morons or you are a tad bit conceited, or just maybe there's something I'm missing. I don't even know what a first responder certification is, but it's obviously less than an EMT. I'm pretty sure I warned you about legal issues in the last post, so I'm not going to do that again.

Put some bandaging supplies in a bag. Pretty much all you can do is control bleeding until EMS shows up, and anybody can do that. 

I would be very careful about how you are helping people. Make sure that no matter what you do EMS shows up to do a report. 

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Forgive me if I sound conceited. Was not my intention. I work with a bunch of old men who all think the world revolves around them individually. So if an emergent situation came up none of them would care less to help they would most likely just stand there. None of them have any desire to learn any cpr at all. So your assessment of complete morons is correct. As a first responder i'm well aware of my scope of practice. And once I get to EMT im also aware of what i can and cannot do.

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ok, so your work isn't going to pay you for responding to emergencies, since it sounds like your company already has a responder group on site right?  

I would just get the bag that was in my first link.  

medicgirl05 is correct,  you really can't do anything beyond your scope and I'm glad you recognize that.  

You really don't have a legal responsibility to act and provide medical care.  Be careful that when and if you do, that your understanding of your scope of practice guides you in how you treat the patient.  

My mantra is this,  if I can help I will but I take every incident on a case by case basis. 

but I would make sure that your company will allow you to provide EMT or first responder care to it's employees.  they may in fact want  you to wait till the company responders get there.  If they say only certain types of help you can provide (some companies do this) then abide by that restriction

Some companies only want you to perform cpr and control bleeding (not full list) and if you deviate from those restrictions, it could mean your job.  

A good friend of mine once told me,  "you are now a medic, it's not your job to save the world, so be careful in stopping or offering assistance if you aren't on the clock for your job. The person who may suffer in the end is you"

I get it,  you have all this new obtained training but no one to use it on.  Be careful what you do.  

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"I don't look to get paid for calls more of a just being a good citizen since I have more medical skills than 99% of the people here."

"I work with a bunch of old men who all think the world revolves around them individually"

Ok so I think, and please bear with me here, that you feel as though there is more to learn, and that there are surrounded by people who don't want to learn.

I refuse to believe that you are conceited and that you think you're better than everyone else, that is just an unsustainable state for a human being.

Instead, I believe you feel different because you have always felt different, perhaps there was an inflection point where you've really decoupled from society and went on your own way..

When I become an EMT, I thought I knew a lot, and I was eager to help people and to make a difference..

When I became a medic, I thought of how little I knew as an EMT, and how naive my thought patterns where..

When I got my first masters degree, I thought how little I knew as a medic, and how pointless all of it was..

When I got my second masters, I thought perhaps I could be humiliated even further and realize how little I knew or understood, and I needed to get a doctoral degree..

Needless to say, this progression does not change in life.  The more you know the more you realize how little you know.

I agree with you that there are some people who refuse to keep learning for various reasons, and honestly we cant be bothered with reacting to them or trying to change them.  There is no net benefit there.

Instead try to connect with people who 'get' you. Try to build on your ideas and improve the world.

Its a big ask and I'm glad there are people 10+ years younger than me who are willing to try.

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