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Hey everyone,

Going to be starting EMT soon for a fire department so I can go part time firefighter/Emt. I do have to pass the class, and I was wondering what materials ( notebooks, folders etc) everyone used. Also How did you prepare these materials for class? Did you break up the notebooks/ folders per segment you were learning that day in class? Pretty basic questions, but I feel will be valuable.

By the way, I took this class 3 years ago, and ran out of money to retake the NREMT written, ( passed practical). I have to say I got my new book and all, the class has changed substantially, there seems to be the same info but more of it.  My teacher said be prepaired because the amount taught has grown in three years. I am located in CT.


Thank you


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My suggestion is to go to the first class with your course materials in hand, a single notebook and a couple of pens.  Then wait and see what they tell you.  It's sort of silly to go out and buy all this stuff that you think you will need when in reality it will all be fluff.  

Just go for the first class or two with the minimal list and then build upon it as you need it.  I'm sure there are walmarts and officemax's all over the place in CT. 

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