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11.8 million in unpaid uncollectable bills.  Here are several reasons that were cited as why they cannot collect

Insurance denials

patients without coverage

and the fire departments inablity to gather accurate information


So play the director or the chief,  what of those three above do you think you should go after first before you ask for a increase from the taxpayers to help you out?  I know which one I'm going to go after.    


anyone anyone  bueller, bueller?????   how bout holding the fire department staff accountable to gather more accurate information.  But in all honesty, some of that inability may be not the crews fault, it could be patients giving them inaccurate info, not being able to get the patient to give them the correct info but I'm sure as heck going to find out why we have 11.8 million in unpaid bills.  that would go a long way to pay for some probably long awaited improvements.  

But sadly, this isn't just this department that has this problem.  If I had a crystal ball and could solve this problem I would be living like Joel Osteen.  

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Why on earth isn't someone from billing following up with the hospital to ensure that they have the right information? The patients register at the facility, why not require a copy of the facesheet to be scanned from the facility.

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I remember when I was working furiously in EMS,  Every patient we transported we got a facesheet on.  It's not that hard to go and ask for a facesheet.  the only issue would be that the hospital hasn't had a chance to put all the info in the system but if the patient has been there before, there is probably a current face sheet that would be available.  

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I am certainly not an expert on billing but the face sheet from the hospital is automatically imported into our computerized charting system.  Our biggest problem is the insurance companies write the check to the patient and not the service so some folks see this as a windfall and never pay the EMS bill.  Screwed up system to be sure.


May the tube be with you.

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Does your agency have the patient sign the electronic medical record directing payment to your EMS agency? If they do and the insurance company sends the payment to the patient then it would seem to me that the insurance company would be responsible.

I would speak with your billing folks and your agencies legal counsel about sending a letter to the insurance companies to recover the unpaid bills plus associated costs.

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