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Brother in Law - Police officer LODD

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This is my brother in law. I had to wake my wife up this morning to give her the news.  I then had to wake my mother in law up to give her the news on her birthday that her son had been killed the night before by a oxygen stealing piece of dog shit suspect.  

Our house and entire family are in turmoil right now and it truly SUCKS BIG FAT DONKEY BALLS.  

Pray if you do that kind of stuff, send good vibes if that's what you do.  


the suspect is still at large, still has the gun that killed my brother and is still dangerous and may actually be shot as well so that makes him doubly dangerous.  

This past month has sucked totally and I'm not sure what more my family can take.  If you get a moment, please think of us with good thoughts.  


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I am so sorry my friend.  I wish there was more I could do/say, you guys have been going through a lot.  Please let us know if there's any gofundme or anything like that set up.  I'll keep you guys in my prayers and thoughts.  

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The suspect was captured last night around 8pm without incident.  My brother in law got off one shot and appropriate enough, he shot him in the ASS.  

Today they are bringing my BIL back from the KC MO medical Examiners office to his hometown 65 miles away for the funeral this coming saturday.  

Lady Justice, meet Dirtbag Ian,  do your worst.  




As of 11:45 the suspect is still on the loose.  

He crashed his car just after the shooting, so one can think that he was hit by gunfire but not sure.  

The gun was not found so it is safe to assume that he is still armed.  

He's killed one cop so one can also assume he's probably willing to shoot at those coming after him.  

My family that went to see my brother in law in the hospital

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