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8 minutes ago, NewJerseyEMT said:

Personally, I feel as if you would have learned more from a consultant rather then online forums. EMS is much more then just EMTs. Just saying there was a better approach to the situation. 

Like I said, I have the highest respect for what you do...

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RescueSquad, I do wish you luck on the sale of this game.  I may or may not purchase it.  Depends on discretionary fundage availability. 

Who was your beta tester demographics?  

How many people tested this game to make you realize you had a game that would be successful.


I ask this of you because myself and a co-worker are looking for a business idea to start and we really don't know and I showed him the amazon link and he said, this might be something we could think about for the IT world.  Not a copy but a different kind of game.  


We also thought about maybe one of those monthly boxes.  Who knows.  

Just thinking out loud here.  

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Thanks for the luck wishes, I appreciate it.

The game went through about 9 versions with family, friends, "board game Meetups" and play testing conventions before it caught the eye of the publisher I was pitching it to.  By that point it was pretty solid, and the publisher adds their know how to make it into a finished product (in my case anyway).  With Kickstarter out there, some go the route of wearing all the hats from start to finish.  That's tough to do, successfully.

I'm hoping this becomes popular enough to warrant an online version at some point, but only time will tell.

Monthly boxes are getting popular, I guess some people just like the surprise. 

I wish you the best on your future ventures!

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10 hours ago, RescueSquad said:

I don't mind the ball busting, I guess I deserve it.  I did a lot of research going through forums, etc learning about EMTs at a high level, and I plan on buying many copies for my family. 

I'm the game designer....

Yes, you do deserve it.  You deserve it for a variety of reasons not the least of which is that if you had actually done the research you claim to have done you'd recognize how the quoted statement demonstrates that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Take your attempts at free advertising elsewhere, please.  That you specifically mentioned that the other place requires a minimum number of posts before you can post freely points to your attempt at as much free advertising as you can get.  Admin has already intervened in this thread.  If he's interested in you advertising he'll respond to your queries.  Otherwise, please, just knock it off.


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