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I would like to learn more about working for the private sector for individual clients and travel groups etc.  I am mostly interested in working with a medic team that travels and manage smaller groups. I am wondering if anyone can offer a recommendation on how that works and where to start.


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That's a big category/question. Lots of opportunity but kind of  hard to get  your foot in the door on a group like that.  

I've I have not really seen anything advertised so you would really have to know someone to get in to that type of group or know someone from this site who knows a guy like something like that.  Does that make sense?  

Not saying the jobs aren't out there but you just aren't going to find them advertised on the internet or a local paper.  It's a niche job and I think I'm not out of my depth here but this type of job would not be a permanent or a job with lots of job security as I would suspect the jobs would be like my consulting jobs, seasonal or short term in nature. 


i know, I know, I've told you nothing, but tenacity and perseverance wins the race most of the time and most of the footwork must be done by you.  

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Thank you for your thoughts. It is always good hear others feedback. I have began by reaching out to my favorite organizations and inquiring about there medical traveling teams. I will see what kind of feedback I get and go from there. 

Thanks again... 

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