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New Here & Cert Question

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Hi from Colorado! I'm an NREMT certified EMT-Basic with a Kansas & Colorado license. I graduated from Paramedic school in Kansas December 2015. Passed my psychomotor skills exam the middle of December 2015. Unfortunately after attempting the NREMT written 6 times I let test anxiety get the best of me and wasn't successful. I'm currently a practicing EMT in Colorado with recent IV certification. I understand that Wyoming doesn't require NREMT certification to get licensure as a paramedic.  I know a co-worker that lives in Colorado and works as an EMT in Colorado but is licensed and works as a paramedic in Wyoming. My question is this: Is it possible for me to apply for a Wyoming state license and take a Wyoming state test to practice as a paramedic in Wyoming? 

I appreciate any information you can give me. 

Thank You!

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Yes, JenJo12,  these type of questions when it's your career liveliehood on the line, are best left to those who will give you the most accurate and correct answers.  Those people are the office of EMS in your state or the NREMT if it's a NREMT question.  

We can give you advice but for any question of this magnitude is best left to the experts, not us internet jockeys, hell most of us on this site are pretty darn smart but not when it comes to this stuff.  

Both Mike and I will always refer you to the state offices or the NREMT on this type of question.  Your career depends on valid and correct advice, not Wikipedia level advice from people on this site who mean well but honestly and NO OFFENSE intended, don't know the right answer in this situation.  Again, NO OFFENSE intended Y'all.  


So give this number a call  https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/ems/    307-777-7955 or 888-228-8996   these are the right people to call..  

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let us know what the answers you got were.  That way others will benefit from your efforts.  

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