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I think that the Trevor Lowey guy should probably run for mayor or something like that ;)

I don't have much critiquing skills so from my stand point and experience I think you hit the nail pretty square on the head~~I wish more agencies would bring these 'life like' scenario's to the students on a regular basis. I know it takes a ton of people, planning and preparation but dammit our kids are worth it and if it saves one car full of teenagers lives and one grizzled old EMS'rs sanity, the pay off is immeasurable......

I have been involved in similar scenario's over the years that we brought to high schools, the only thing we've done different (besides not recording for a PSA which I'm sure involved a lot more time and planning) was to throw a few more students into the mix as first on scene observers/friends as well as one or two parents who listened to the scanner and heard where the accident was. We threw in a cell phone call message from deceased victims Mom on one of ours over the intercom that they had to listen to while watching the victim be assessed and covered up. ("Hey Jesse, it's mom. I heard there was an accident and I'm just calling to check on you. I'm on my way to the accident scene so give me a call back as soon as you get this message...."...etc. Some of the feedback that we got from the students was that call stood out in their minds as well and made them realize they were going to affect their entire family~~

P.S. In one area we were also fortunate enough to have the owner of a particular rowdy bar (read as-known to have several college aged patrons over the course of the summer who left there drunk, or 'slightly impaired' but drove anyway and were responsible for many of the tragic accidents in that area) sponsor the same type of scenario in their parking lot. That one got pretty interesting and did cut down on the accidents for a few year! :blink:

I really enjoyed watching those PSA's tho, they were just the right length and done very, very well!! 

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