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Former AMR EMT alleges sex is common at Las Vegas fire stations

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well this happens all over the country.  not sure why this is a huge major revelation.  It's just hidden better than in Vegas,  Besides, I thought what the hell went on in Vegas stayed in vegas. 

Her numbers are pretty impressive though. 

This story really is a non-story though.  the only reason why its in the news is the shock factor of this ladies revelations and the fact the chief is on the way out.  

I worked in a service with 3 letters in it, and people were hooking up left and right, it was well known it was happening, and it was against the rules but nothing was ever done about it because well it was between consenting adults.  

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Dude, not trying to be a ahole, but she's not my type.  

In the places I've worked, the people having the most sex in our service were not the most attractive.  


We called them station rats.  I know bad nickname but it was common knowledge that if you wanted "some" all you had to do is let someone know and it was only a matter of time before one of the rat's (this was male and female) would be around the station soon after.  

I had a steady girlfriend and now a wife, so I was never desparate enough to engage in this activity.  

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Well they were one in the same, but at times like every guy, you think, is this the same woman I married, she seems to have more than one personality.  But yeah, the only time period in me medic career that I was not married was my first 2 years as a new medic.  I don't count my stupid period when I was an EMT.  I did some stupid and crazy things but never sex in the station and NEVER EVER EVER sex with my field partner.  What a minefield if you go down that route.  


What's the rule - "don't dip your pen in the company ink"

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they had other names that I won't mention, sort of like Voldemort, but everyone knows the type.  I'm sure she's a very very nice person but really, sex more than 50 times with 8 different FF's in the station that she's admitting to.  

But I agree that the chief is being scapegoated but he was breaking the rules too so if he's going to fire someone for having sex in the station, then he should be fired as well.  

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1 hour ago, scubanurse said:

That's no different than any ER, FD, PD, EMS station across the country.  There will always be those who are at work to find their next f*&S% buddy.

And the reason why in my original first post, I asked why was this news?  It's not, it's just because a chief is getting disciplined and some gal comes along with her story of excess.  And before anyone says that I would say differently if it was a guy, I wouldn't, he would get the same response from me as she is.  

This is a NON story

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