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AED analyzing heart rhythm

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Say you're performing CPR on a patient, and your partner arrives with an AED. You do not stop performing CPR while he or she

1. Turns on the AED

2. attaches the pads

3. Plugs in the pads

Now that the AED is turned on with the pads attached and plugged in, do you

A. immediately stop chest compressions while it analyzes the heart's rhythm OR

B. do not stop CPR until the AED prompt TELLS you "analyzing heart rhythm. Do not touch the patient." 


I understand that by touching the patient while it is analyzing, you can interfere with the AED's analyzing the heart rhythm. There is about a 5-10 second gap after you plug in the pads before the AED prompts you to not touch the patient, so I am looking for clarification when exactly you should stop touching the patient in this case.

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