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 Hey guys I need y'all's help I have taken the NR EMT twice the first time I had 120 questions the second time I had 70 questions and both time I felt like I did pretty good on it but apparently I did not does anyone have any study tips or ideas on how to help me I love this Field I'm a volunteer  firefighter so I help with Med calls all the time I have done plenty of ride outs with lots of  agencies I know in my  heart this is what I'm ment to do I'm just not a great test taker. Any suggestions I'm willing to do anything 

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Have you heard of John Puryear? He's in Texas, but has audio files that helped me pass the paramedic national registry. 

Also, try taking tests on FISDAP. That will help you get more comfortable with the test taking. Good luck!

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Cue Julia Edward in 3...2...

Punctuation, please.  Your post is difficult to read.

Do you still get a break down by section or is it simply "Pass/Fail" these days?  It's been a while since I've taken it.

How close are you to passing?  Are you missing it by a wide margin?  Or are you just barely missing it?

I like the idea of practice questions.  Practice questions that offer justifications for the correct answers (as opposed to just giving you the correct answer) are even better.  Lots and lots of practice questions.

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Yeah, when I read this, Mike's comment about Julia was the first thing that popped into my head.

"It's good you want to be an emt, maybe a latte and a couple of general courses will make you a great person for wanting to become a emt"


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