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Racist NJ Paramedic

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There is always more to meets the eye.  He could have said something that made the guy mad and he told the guy to go back to his country of origen.  

After thinking about this, I said to myself, self, are we sure that this is a racist thing, or is this a guy who told the guy to just get out of his country?  I mean,  first glance makes you think that it's racist, American telling an obviously arab named person to GTFO of my country, well that sounds racist but was he just telling the guy to get out and go back to his country of origen but not pulling race into it?  

We don't have much information to go on with this screenshot other than what was said by the emt dude.  No context given prior to the EMT comment.  

I'm retracting my original statement (post) until there is more information given that corroborates the racial message other than our own preconcieved notions of what the guy meant.  i suspect we won't get any further evidence since it's a screen print and no link other than a link to the guys  Linked in profile is given.  

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