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Blast Medics


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Well, I got a money order in the mail yesterday. Frankly, I'm shocked! I'm still going to cash it with some skepticism though. Time will tell......

The event I did was in October. It would be nice if it goes through and I finally get my pay plus the money I lost in this debacle. 

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So I did some research on Money Orders and I think your money is good to go.  Since Money orders are paid for either with CASH or a credit or debit card, the money is already been paid to get the money order.  

Unless they just got a program that prints out fake money orders which hopefully the guy didn't do.  

Here's where I got the info - Motley fool is sometimes a crazy stupid site but they do have some good advice and I think this is good advice here.  


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Thank you so much for doing all of that for me. I went to my bank and cashed it first and then deposited it per their suggestion. I was assured that it was very safe and won't be revoked. I am so glad to finally have the money and to be able to put Blast Medics in the past. I am going to make sure that every EMT/Paramedic I know steers clear of them. They are based in NY, but staff events all over the country. Buh bye BMs! ;) 

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On 4/13/2018 at 9:58 PM, paramedicmike said:

Heh.  BMs.  Sounds like a good a good abbreviation for what sounds like a rather sh*tty company.

BMs.  Sh*tty.



I'll see myself out.

Omg looks like the stuff shirt found a sense of humor while I been away!!!!

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