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Change your narrative or lose your job

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How many of you go through something similar with your management? We cant get paid because you said pt walked to cot so change your narrative etc. and before long its "suggested" that you write certain things so upper management wont bring discipline down on you. 

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Sounds like a cue to start seeking other employment if in fact they're asking you to falsify legal documents.

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The reality  that 3rd party payers, ie Medicare, are looking for any excuse no matter how trivial, to not pay you for the care that you've provided. If that means simply not including non-pertinent information, then don't. You should know what Medicare et Al will flag for non reimbursement and that should come from the employer.

This is not falsifying anything... it's not recording unneeded information.


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I have been called in to the office to change my report several times to make it read differently just so the service will get paid.  

patient didn't ambulate to cot, we used a sheet to move patient from bed to cot.

patient didn't assist self to cot, we lifted patient

patient was ambulatory, no they were wheelchair bound

Those were all narratives that I had to change with threats of losing my job.  Well guess what, I lost my job.  But before I did that I wrote downt he patient name, their info and dates of service.  I then gave CMS a call and informed them of this practice.  


Not sure what happened if anything.  I didn't hear but I was better off not working for that service.  

My high road was taken, and I lost a job for it.  You have to be willing to lose your job when you stand up to these things.  If you aren't then you perpetuate this type of problem,  there is a service in the news that is being investigated or maybe even sued by the AG for this type of activity, but on the hundreds of thousands of dollars level and many providers soon will be out of jobs.  


It's not worth it to be part of the falsifying of records no matter how small you think it is.  

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