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Just some personal thoughts of advice.

*No matter where you go know your protocols. They will save your ass.

*Dont give into pressure when dealing with a Pt. If your gut says somethings not right with your pt even if your partner says nothing is wrong, check anyway. 

*Seriously dont compromise your license.... mainly speaking about private services... if somethings wrong, its wrong, just this once is NOT ok....example: no o2 on a unit but supervisor pushing you to take a call

*EMS is a breeding ground for drama at times. We all get sucked in at times. Just learn to dodge the majority of it

*Burn out is a bitch. Learn new skills, do something, anything to keep the passion.

*If your partner is a complete ass and you're miserable SPEAK UP and ask your supervisor to reassign you

*If you work somewhere with good benefits, even if the pay isnt good, rethink leaving for a dollar more on the hour. Good benefits can be hard to come by

*True partners have each others back. The ability to trust each other is so important I cant put it into words.

*You are NOT going to save lives everyday. But by God when the time comes and a person needs you to know your s***, be able to execute


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