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Canadian Provinces pass PTSD legislation

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Over the last few months the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario have passed legislation that forces their respective worker compensation boards to presume that any first responder diagnosed with PTSD got it from the line of duty. This accelerates the access to mental health support in some cases by years. In the past the onus was on the injured party to prove that their injuries were caused in the workplace, at the same time the WCB would investigate their personal lives to determine that their PTSD wasn't caused by debt, marriage problems, substance abuse, or other factors that are typically a result of PTSD in tne workplace.

One of our users, Mobey, continues to work with the Province of Alberta to ensure that first responders can access the proper help they need. Getting mental health is one thing, but it needs to be with professionals who are qualified to help us deal with the trauma that we bear witness to.

The provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan are considering similar legislation.











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The greatest issue I've seen crew-members have in getting coverage in BC has been a complete lack of understanding from WCB with respect to cumulative versus single event PTSD. Those who have been able to identify a particular event have had significantly greater success in being granted coverage than those suffering from cumulative operational exhaustion. And there lies the rub.

Most of the Paramedics I know who suffer are dealing with a cumulative form of PTSD. On the whole, Paramedics are what is referred to as having a "resilient" personality. That means for the majority these issues require repeated exposure to arise. All in all, the nature of our personalties and the nature of the profession have created a perfect storm for the development of complex/cumulative PTSD. All of us have been educated to care for the sick and injured. Almost none of us have ever really been educated to care for our own minds.

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