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I think it all looks good. I am not having any problems with the popup box coming up. It came up once and I said not now and Ii haven't had it come back up since.

Not having any issues here   Nice upgrade boss!

Looks great! 

This only happens if a new post shows up on the "Unread Content" page.  I'm still having issues with the unread content link.  The hope page shows five threads with new comments.  When I click on "Unread content" I got two threads.  When I click on either of those two threads it'll take me to the first post in the thread instead of the first unread post.  When I click on a post from the new content spot on the home page it'll take me to the first unread post.

Just posting things I'm finding. 

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I think I figured out the unread posts part.  When you go to "Unread Content" and get a list of posts you'll find towards the bottom of the individual post box there's an elapsed time since the last post listed.  Clicking that at least will take me to the last post in the thread.

There are still topics listed in the "Recently Updated Topics" on the home page that don't show up on the "Unread Content" page.

I still get the push notification request with every single page load despite repeated "Not Now" responses.

To be clear I like the look.  As with any change there are bugs to work out.

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I haven't.  I'll access the site from one of two mobile devices or my home computer.  I won't access it from a computer other than my home machine.  (This holds true for all the sites I routinely visit.)  I'll see if I can find another machine to try.

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