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New and not thrilled


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I guess he wasn't thrilled with us either.



Give him time, I suspect he'll be back. Not everyone logs into here on a daily basis like some of us losers.

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If the OP does return...

Why jump in guns-a-blazing? You might shoot a potential ally working that way. If something frustrates you the answer isn't necessarily leaping in and right fighting before taking the time to understand the animal your taking on. Particularly when it comes to EMS, things are dramatically different state to state, country to country, province to province. The US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, UK... all have dramatically different systems for better or for worse.

If you want to enact positive change in EMS you need to study it across the board. Look at what's working in places like Canada, Australia, and South Africa (I'll give you a giant hint in that it largely comes down to significantly higher minimum education standards). Look at what isn't working in those same places. After completing your research come up with an action plan to meet the positive targets and avoid the identified pitfalls. None of it is easy. Flying off on a rant on an EMS page is easy but inflammatory and ineffective. Real change takes elbows in, skinned knee, bloodied nose labour. If you have what it takes do the labour.

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