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Horse Collar vs. Extrication Device


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     I am curious what community opinions are about this. In recent months there has been discussion within my fire department about choosing equipment for vehicle extrication. We have multiple options including the Kendrick Extrication Device, the more "homemade" horse collar, or simply using a slide board, C-collar, and man power to remove a patient from a car seat. What are your thoughts on these different methods? I admit that I am partial to the horse collar because of the multiple ways it can be positioned and ease of use. However in school the KED was presented as top-of-the-line for patient safety when extricating. I understand that choosing what to use depends on the situation and how much time we have to remove the patient, but I am still interested to see what others have to say about it.



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I suppose I should have been more clear about that! I wonder if it is more common in rural areas? Here's a photo off Google that can give you an idea of what I am referring to.

EMS horse collar.jpg    Edit: It is essentially a thin blanket wrapped around a long piece of towstrap and is used to stabilize the head and neck while doubling as a harness to remove patients from a car, small space, etc.

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What are they trying to do in that picture?  Strangle the kid? 

Nexus criteria negative?  Can you walk?  Ok.  Come with me.

Nexus criteria positive?  It will depend on what else is going on.  I have used something similar to the above described horse collar but not without a collar in place to prevent us from strangling a patient.

Got 21 minutes?  Here's some interesting listening.  Of course, follow your local treatment guidelines.

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I've only used something like that if none of our c-collars fit the patient. And then, we tried to never crossed it over the throat. If we had to, it went as low, and as close to the collarbone as possible.

It was pretty much one of those airline pillow set-ups with the head secured to the board.

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