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Problems Getting to Your Phone

Problems Getting to Phone  

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  1. 1. Do you have issues getting to your phone when you're working, especially in emergency situations?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. If you said yes, would you invest money into a sturdy piece of equipmemt to solve the issue?

    • Yes
    • No

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Looking at your profile, I'm seeing about a 1/3 of what I should see with your picture.  

Any chance you can post a better photo of this item.

I'd really like to know your replies to ParamedicMikes questions

I'm also curious as to why you think that the currently available Off the Shelf options like the Otterbox or other cases are not good enough?  Is it because there is no strap that goes around the arm?  

Forgive me but someone has to say this,  you are not making a good presentation for this whole deal.  

When I worked at Cerner, I got caught in the elevator with Neal Patterson, he liked to do certain things to employees and he did this a lot.  He made me explain my area of expertise in the elevator ride up.  I had 45 seconds to do that.  I didn't do it very well.  You have an open forum here with a group of really experienced providers and it would be great if you can provide us with more information rather than just piecemealing it one little bit at a time.  


Again, no one here (and it's really only been mike and I) is busting your balls, but in all honesty, your presentation isn't very good.  Let's see some more info please.  

But like I said in the first post all the way at the top, I don't bring my phone into the scene with me.  

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What would be different about this product vs. What is already on the market? Life proof cases and otter boxes provide pretty good protection. In our system we do use our phones to communicate with hospitals and supervisors. 

Our product isn't a case. In fact, you can put a case on your phone and still use our product with it. The product is designed to keep your phone mounted on your wrist, while also giving you full access to your phone. It should also provide extra battery life and easy access to a very bright flashlight (provided we either work out a way to sell the portable phone battery as a part of the device, or you buy the battery seperately if we can't).

Perhaps what would be helpful here is reading what problem the OP is attempting to solve. 

What's the problem with getting to our phones?  What problems getting to our phones are of concern to you?  How are you defining "emergency situations"?

There's too much that's unknown for anyone to be able to reasonable answer any question put forth by the OP at this point.  More clarification is needed.

Much more.

I've noticed that phones can sometimes be difficult to get out of your pocket in normal situations, and that got me thinking that it would probably be even harder to do so in situations where your adrenaline is pumping and everything is happening very fast. And I'm asking people who work in fast-paced enviornments so that I can get an accurate idea of how many people actually experience the problem we're trying to solve.

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I'm still not seeing anything but a conglomerate on your profile picture on here.  

You can send me a picture (ruffems@gmail.com) or whatever and I can try to post it better for you.  I'm still not seeing the problem you are trying to address.  

My phone is the Galaxy s6, It has a case, it's pretty big with the case.  If you add something in addition to keep it on my wrist, I'm not going to use that product at all.  

I have the samsung neo watch which connects to my phone via bluetooth where I can make phone calls, text etc.  

Your product had better be revolutionary in order for me or many of my contemporaries to use it.  We just dont' bring our phones onto scenes with us.  but in the ambulance with us, that's a different story.  

Here is where your product needs to be better

1.  size - it needs to be small enough to not get in the way of me doing my job, if it gets in the way of my intubating someone, starting an iv or just causes a nuisance, I'm not going to use it

2.  comfort - if it's uncomfortable for me to put on or wear on a daily basis, if it makes my arm sweat or causes me to want to take it off on a regular basis then I'm not gonna wear it

3.  ease of putting it on - it better be easy to put on 

4.  will it stay on? does it stay on?   If it slips around, does it stay where it's intended? If it doesn't do that then it's worthless to me.

5.  infection control - how clean can it stay, how hard is it to clean? 

6.  durability - does it break easily - is it cheaply made? 

7.  price - I'm on a budget - if it costs more than 14 or 15 bucks, I probably cannot afford it, this isn't a necessity, it's a luxury for me so it needs to be cheap but NOT cheaply made. But with you saying it's going to be a extra battery or external battery, it's not going to be cheap, Plus do you have the expertise for both the apple and the android build?  Do you have the financial backing in order to get the Apple branding behind it which I would think you might want.  What kind of financing do you have on this so far?  



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So essentially what you want is a smart watch networked to your phone. 

is that to me, Mike? or to the OP?  

I already have a smartwatch linked to my phone and there are HUGE and I mean HUGE limitations to that.  I can write a book about those.  

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Smartwatches for EMS are a HORRIBLE idea.  HORRIBLE with a capital H.  I have a list of reasons why which I will post if someone wants to know why, but I bet many can figure them out already.  

Edited by Ruffmeister Paramedic
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Smart watches will evolve. First gen items aren't going to live up to the potential of the device. However, would you rather strap a watch like device to your wrist or a Galaxy or iPhone 6+?

Strapping a cell phone to one's forearm just sounds ridiculously impractical from size and usage considerations. 

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Right now, we're working on designing and refining our first functional prototype. Once we get some ideas for improvements on that, we're gonna improve the desing, and send out 2.0 versions for testing from people who would want to test it. (No charge to you, but we are asking for feedback from the testers once they feel like they've used it enough to give good advice as to how we could make it better.) If either of you'd be interested in getting one, just message me. I'd definitely like to hear your feedback once you guys actually get a feel for the product.

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