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Stethoscope Repair- DIY or send it in?


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Howdy all, 

I have a Littmann Cardiology III steth that has been my trusty work horse through SAR, nursing school and my first three years of practice. My mother in law got it for me back in '08. The tubing has developed cracks (probably just from age, and from my OCD "clean the bell and the first 8 inches of tubing with an alcohol swabbie before and after patient contact" that I finally sequenced into my care.) 

I'm curious if anyone has had experience replacing their own tubing, as the bell is the expensive part... I'm using my backup Master Classic right now that my cousin got me for Christmas, and it's just NOT the same. I miss my good steth, darn it all! I was looking at Littmann's site, and it'll run $100 to send it in to get it refurbished. Amazon has a variety of options for replacement tubing/binaurals, at a much more affordable price. 

Thoughts? Past experience? 


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I think if you're feeling brave you could try to do it yourself.  There are lots of how-to videos and step-by-step guides out there these days.  I've never tried it myself, but my tubing is getting worn too.  It looks like you can pretty much just pull the tubing off by twisting it.  If it's stuck, you can cut it off and use alcohol to clean off the rest of it.  Then you twist on the new tubing and voila!  

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First off is that stethoscope that you bought still under warranty?  if it is, then send it back and tell them you want a new one or your money back.  


The picture that MTC rentals is using sure looks like a Littman to me,  Is it a littman or a knock off?  If it's a knock off then I think you got ripped off if it broke already unless you have had it more than a year.  I have the same two Littmans I purchased when I became a medic and apart from needing regular cleaning, new plastic diaphragms and ear pieces, they still work excellently.  


Plus I think you paid about 50 bucks too much for a stethoscope to break so soon.  But then again maybe you have had it for like years and it just broke.  

But as for your question - the Littman is definately worth your money.  

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