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My Pants Have No Pockets!


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I have a pockets system that I love. But I'm also on the nursing side of e-med, and have specialty carts for stuff... it'd be kinda awkward to keep a pelvic setup in my cargo pockets! ;) 

I wear the Dickies men's zip front drawstring button closure scrub pants. Two front pockets, one back pocket, and two cargo pockets. Left cargo gets a pair of non-latex sterile gloves (nothing like realizing all the gloves in the trauma room are latex when a trauma surgeon asks you to insert a foley!) Right cargo gets my phone and a shit ton of saline flushes. Left top pocket doesn't get anything (used to keep sterile caps and extra saline locks in there, but I don't find I often need them down in the ED.) Right top pocket gets TONS of alcohol swabbies.

Scrub top, left front pocket gets my inhaler, my nitro, my chapstick and my bandage scissors and holds meds that I have to return or waste. Right front pocket gets a shit ton of pens (doctors are pen thieves!), a penlight and a sharpie or two. 

I actually wore those black scrub pants for my EMS ride that I got to do as part of my orientation to the ED... worked GREAT... 


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Haha, I would have to write up an inventory sheet before every shift if I carried all that! Not to mention, I am old and feeble, the extra weight might make me fall over ;) An extra pair of gloves or two usually get dropped in leaving the unit as well.

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I'm just a creature of habit. And I find it saves me time, is all... 

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Thanks for the comments everyone, I've definitely read plenty of stories of people trying to carry the entire kit in their pants.  I just happen to be one of those people with a pretty large phone, and the pockets on these pants are small enough that the phone would take up the whole thing...

I was definitely trying to avoid looking like the stereotypical new EMT who is WAY over-prepared, but even the basics like a couple pairs of and a pair of shears would be pretty awkward to carry around in these pants.  I think my biggest annoyance is more that I won't have an extra pocket to toss something into if I needed to.  Also general surprise that these are basically dress pants, I think they could only be less durable if they were those thin nylon windbreaker pants people wear running...

I'm sure it'll all make more sense when I see how the other employees work things!

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