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Who's going to CAP Lab in Ohio this year?


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Hi all! I just registered for CAP lab at Wright State University... anyone else going? I'm bringing 3 other members of my SAR team with me. Woohoo! 


Here's the link if anyone's interested... it's some seriously good learning that is hard to beat! 


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Well, shucks, 'zilla! Stay safe.

Catch you NEXT year then. ;-) 

I still can't believe I talked my team's exec board into flying 4 of us out there... goes to show you how cool this resource you guys offer really is. 


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Hey North, 

There's the EMSAC conference in Keystone the weekend of Nov 6th-9th, as well as the Flight For Life conference the following weekend in Breckenridge. 

Links: http://emsac.org/conference/ (Not cheap, but I hear it's amazing. Plus the esteemed Kelly Grayson will be presenting... and I couldn't miss a chance to fangirl...)

https://www.flightforlifecolorado.org/flc/trainings-and-outreach/sar-conference/ (way more budget friendly, and put on by a very good group.) 

Two of  us are going to EMSAC from my team, and we're sending up to 10 folks to the FFL conference. 


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You were there in spirit! I don't remember what slide you're talking about tho. I do remember the lardass Batman on the mobility scooter... ;-) 

Seriously, it was phenomenal as always. They did a great job. 

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