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Old folks Still here?


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It has been a long time since the glory days of "City" with Dust, Rid, Mike, AK, and a host of others I would list if there was room. I would love to hear from as many of you from the 10 years ago era who are still around, as well as meet the new crew. I do recognize some names, and will check in as much as I can.

Wow... it has been a LONG time since I've ventured back to EMTcity... my last message in my inbox was from Dustdevil on my birthday back in 07... 

Sad to hear that Rob's no longer with us... was great being able to chat with EMS folk from around the world back when these forums were in their infancy and that little thing called the internet was still so new to be playing on.



Dustdevil  256

Started conversation: 14 Sep 2007 · Report

Hey Bro! You there? Just wanted to drop some sincere wishes for a great birfday to the guy with the coolest avatar at EMT City! Hope you're having a great day! 

Take Care, 

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As noted, some of us lurk.

as for me, I've been a jerk

all the time using Facebook,

(knowing that won't get me off of the hook)

with the "Dinosaurs of EMS"

Hoping that won't cause a mess

Most of them live so far from me

that they can't afford to come for tea

but know I am not in a jam

became an EMT 'cause I gave a Damn

42 years a-riding the truck

helping those injured by a streak of bad luck

saying "hold my beer and watch me do this"

and then to the Trauma rooms 'cause they're now in distress

or cardiac arrest, if the family knew

notify the ER, coming in "Code Blue"

Some people think EMS folks don't care,

were that the case, we just wouldn't be there

Now the next generation must carry the fight, thus

because I can't lift now, goddam my arthritis

the newjacks know me from my former station

watching them work, a degree of elation

when what they do brings out my smile

as they do what I used to, and do it in style!

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Well I certainly do recognize a few names and hope some remember me because it has  been a very long time.  When Dust Devil passed away the magic went out of the City and I moved on to other things.  I'll make an effort to return as much as possible in a few months because I'll be finished with my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.  I hope to learn from the new folks as well as perhaps being able to impart some knowledge based upon experience if possible.   

May the tube be with you.


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