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Old folks Still here?


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I love ALL of you. Laughing so hard right now. 

My husband totally doesn't hear the "it's a secret" part (blew a friend's engagement to another friend... fortunately we locked it down with him, lol!) 

Plausible deniability... uh huh.. 

ROFL @ Doc... yes, perhaps you should listen! 

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Whoa, wait a second guys.  I think some of the women on here are saying something.  We should try to listen.

Listen, then we can't get away with anything doc. 

I have the worst case of Tinnitus, even my eent says that my upper register hearing is about 50-70 percent gone.  Of course that upper register hearing accounts for the sound range of the woman's voice. I actually have a medical excuse for not hearing you women when you talk.  

What's your excuse doc?

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Sorry I missed out on this thread until now. Fireman1037 a lowly volly emt became BAYAMedic then a Battalion Chief EMS manager and solo paramedic serving a rural county. After a couple years of that, I have had a bit of a breakdown and now am looking to a new start in which direction to go. 

You asked about reunions, My self and Eyedawn won the Rob Davis Memorial scholarship and went to CAP lab. Dwayne met us out there. That was in 2011. Each of us independently chose to go back in 2014 and had a nice reunion. Oh, Chris was there too. That crazy Canadian Emt turned Doc. 


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