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Trevor Cox NYC Paramedic Passing

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I want to remember a colleague and a friend who succumb to illness related to the WTC attacks. He was a person who served NYC at its most needed time. He passed on Sunday 9/13. He made the ultimate sacrifice. God bless and RIP...

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Well hell, that sucks.  

It's my understanding that there is a bill in congress that will extend the benefit period for responders for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Here's the link. 


I urge everyone here to go there and sign the petition and do whatever you can to get our lawmakers to extend this.  

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Sorely lacking in tact, I realize that I neglected to post a RIP or condolences to this post which I meant to.  Bad ruff, bad bad

It seems that every day or week or so we see another provider succomb to the long term effects of the attack.  I weep for their families and friends who suffer yet again at the hands of the terrorists who struck such a devastating blow to our country and may we never forget.  Unfortunately many have and it's up to us to keep the memories alive of responders like Trevor and the hundreds of others who gave the ultimate sacrifice on that day and others many years later Like Trevor.  

I'm humbled at the bravery of my brethren in EMS/Fire and Law Enforcement who take up the call each and every day, I'm proud to work with all of you, even if it's not personally.  We must support each other and have each others backs.  To each of you working daily, I salute you, to those whose shifts have ended prematurely, Your watch is over, we've got it from here on out. God speed. 

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