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Philadelphia, state ask 500 medics to help (work for free!) during pope's visit

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it's because EMS has historically given their services away for free so why not this time as well.  Fire as well.  What will happen is EMS will look like the bad guys if they dont' work for free because it will be spun that they didn't "help the brother love city out"


I say screw em, if they can find the budget to pay everyone else out, then they can find the budget to pay ems.  

Plus, isn't the catholic church full of money, can't they foot the bill or at least help pay for some of it?

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The Philadelphia Fire Department can't handle EMS needs for the city on a normal day much less for an event like the Pope being in town.  Asking for help with this event is necessary.  However, I, too, am curious how the extra police and FD coverage will be handled in terms of overtime pay.

I think it's funny that they also request you bring your own emergency vehicle and credit cards to pay for fuel.

The Pope's visit is going to turn out to be a huge mess.

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Having been responsible for a vollie unit once, when the Pope visited my area, I may add my experience: We responded with an ALS ambulance and two EMTs, cost free. They had nothing to do on-scene. However, it was a huge motivational success for those attending volunteer members (each even given a medal later on by the associated Order of Malta EMS organization here) PLUS we could earn some media coverage and significant public relation attention.

All this is worth real money...

At least, the Pope doesn't fly in on a regular basis. :)

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I can understand asking Volunteer EMS agencies if they would like to help given the size of the event, but to ask 500 EMS folks to volunteer their services is silly. The Vatican would have given advanced notice that they planned to visit Philly & the federal agencies would have coordinated with the state & local agencies.

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