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What knife for duty?

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Hey guys, another question already. As I've said in my introduction post, I'm huge into knives. I need help figuring out what I should get for my "duty" knife for when I'm registered. Currently I carry a Kershaw Cryo. I love it, but I'm looking for something that isn't assisted opening. From what I know, I won't be using my knife for many, if not any, emergency situations, but I want something that is durable, and that can be used for rough tasks. I also prefer small blades (2.5 or under). 

  Currently I'm looking at the Spyderco Ambitious, Spyderco Dragonfly 2, or the Dragonfly Salt.  I've heard great things about Spydercos, but not from anyone who carries them while working EMS. Any thoughts will be helpful!

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I carry a Spyderco Tashan Salt H1.  I've carried it for years.  On duty and off.  I've never used my knife while at my EMS jobs.  Not once. 

I also have a Leatherman.  I've used that on a fairly regular basis.  The multi-tool has been more useful than any knife I've ever owned or carried.

I get being a knife buff.  You never know when you'll need a good blade.  However, practically speaking, the chances that you'll use a knife like what you're describing are pretty low.


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I use my blades for many random things, from opening packages to prying open soda can tabs. I figured I'd never use it for anything EMS related, but having one just for the random tasks is always a need in my life! I've always hated the blades on multitools, I never get the comfort that I get with a actual knife, but I use the other tools on mine regularly. I also come from an outdoors loving family, so pocket knives are a part of my childhood!

  Anyways, the Spyderco salts seem pretty nice. I would love to get the Dragonfly salt, since it's only a 2.25" blade. I'll probably settle for a salt!

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