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What is the dumbest question anyone has asked you?

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Depends if it's a student or a civilian. In the classroom on the very first night I tell them if they ask a stupid question, usually void of common sense, that they would get a stupid answer. I know, 20K comedians out of work and I'm trying to be funny. But then I HIGHLY stress that there are no stupid question and go ahead and ask it. Someone else may have the same question.

But I'm sure you are meaning a civilian. Um, there are so many. I might have to come back on this one.

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Oh we all know the dumbest question people ask.  "What's the worst thing you've ever seen/had to deal with?"

My usual response is that they don't want to know.

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From civilians, usually, street side walk ups:

How fast does the truck go?

Why do you have "Ambulance" written backwards on the hood?

What is the worst call...? (already mentioned by Rock Shoes)

Why are you hanging out here? (referring to pre-positioning/"staging" of the ambulances between assignments)

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for the question regarding worst call - I usually tell them - think of their child in the worst thing that could ever happen to them and then triple it.  I usually tell them to leave it there and not ask me to elaborate.  

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Beside those already mentioned here:

* "When does your next call come in?" (that's easy: the moment I want to go to toilet or get something to eat)

* "It's an exercise, isn't it?" (when complaining about the reserved parking place in front of or first responder station is blocked by that individual)

* "Why are you here?" (because your dispatch called our dispatch, dear police officer)

* "Why are you here?" (because our dispatch called both of us out, dear fire captain)

* "Why are you here?" (because some of your family called our dispatch center, dear patient)

* "Why are you here?" (good question, anyway)

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