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Thoughts on this? Uber style Narcan delivery!

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Island I am sorry for your loss. Preventing the drugs from ever landing on home soil is certainly a valid avenue to try and prevent addiction all together. I was speaking in reference to treatment cost reduction for those who are already addicted. Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk

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thanks Rock:

It has long been a sore subject with me after working through the heroin wars in Hartford Ct back in the mid 1980's. Far too many violent deaths caused by turf wars between rival drug distributors who were using young teens as their street delivery mules, and having muchitas keeping the stash in baby strollers as they walked the streets.

Stop the drug problem at it's source and lock down the borders so it doesn't get here to start with.

It can be done if the politicians wanted it to be done.

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