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Just Plain Ruff

Veteran Paramedic - Kansas City MO - William "Bill" Bishop

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William "Bill" Bishop passed away last night. I don't have many more details but hope to have them at a future date.

He was very well known in the KC area as one of the best medics on the truck.

I remember him well as one of my Medic School preceptors and also a great educator of stupid medic students if you had a stupid question. I don't know how many times I went to him after a ride-along and asked him why this did this or a patient did that and he would explain it in detail to where even a medic student could understand it.

The amazing thing about Bill is that he was over 400 pounds but he could do every facet of the job that any of us could, size was no obstacle to him and that is is what in the back of my mind, with my being a somewhat bigger medic, kept me going. I always thought back "if Bill could do this job, then anyone can"

Bill leaves a huge hole in the Fire Department of Kansas City Missouri and surrounding areas.

RIP Bill - go ahead, we got it brother. Last Alarm 05/26/2015

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Rest in Peace Bill

condolences to you Ruff & all his family

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Funeral Arrangements

Visitation - Monday June 1st 5-7pm at McGilley State Line Chapel 12301 State Line Road, Kansas City MO 64145

Funeral - Tuesday June 2nd at 10am at St. Tomas Moore Church - 11822 Holmes Road, Kansas City MO 64131

Posting for a couple of people who asked from my facebook feed.

I believe Scotty from here knew Bill.

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