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I think that is more a failure of the system than the medic. Prehospital education in this country sucks. This is why we have so many tests, boards and societies in medicine. It is a way to make sure providers are well educated and prepared.

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Greetings all, I'm a pretty new EMT-B who found himself in paramedic school a lot sooner than he thought he would. So, whose green? I'm green. Looking forward to relying on you folks for your expe

Welcome to the club. We're all a bit green around here...some with decay.

Welcome, despite the fact that you have been welcomed by our resident psych cases, we are a pretty normal bunch around here. You did the right thing by going right to medic school and don't let anyon

Agreed: the education system that let her graduate without being exposed sucked.

Problem is there are many schools out there doing this and leaving newbies in the lurch . there are only a set number of good places to do clinicals in a given area. Not every student is going to get the busy service with that one preceptor who wants the student to succeed.

They get out on the street and encounter a serious culture shock which effects their ability to go forward in this career.

Thats why I recommend prior field experience before going forward to a Degree in Paramedicine. To see if you really want to do the job ,before spending 2 years and 10+ grand to get the glitter patch

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In our class my medic instructor gave us a slide presentation and he prefaced it with this "this is what you guys may see. You all will not see all of this but this is what you might see in your career" This of course was before HIPAA and of course before medical photography releases were so prevalaent. he said that this presentation would be really disturbing and he passed out vomit bags to everyone. He gave everyone the opportunity to opt out but everyone stayed because we wanted to see the blood and gore.

I thought I had a strong stomach, I didn't. He covered the door windows with paper because we were in a doctors office and people would walk by the classroom and look in and he didn't want them seeing these images. You can imagine what they consisted of if you've been doing the job for any amount of time.

It was the worst lecture I've ever been through. It covered the gamut of natural death all the way to homicide, suicide, auto death, and the like. The images of some of those pictures I still have locked away in my never open box in my dark recesses in my brain never to be opened until I meet my maker and he can explain why this happns to people, if he can even do that.

but this prepared me for the stuff I saw on a semi regular basis and I was better prepared for it. I can say that there wasn't a dry eye in the room after that class.

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