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Hello from South Louisiana

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Good evening all.

Checking out the site. Some good reads on here. A little about myself. Been in EMS for 10 years now. Been employed with East Baton Rouge Parish EMS as an inner city Paramedic with lots of thrills, blood, sweat, and tears. Currently on a hiatus enjoying a slower pace offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

Looking at relocating to Colorado in the next few years. Anybody from that area care to chime in on some good spots? I'm looking into Loveland, Greeley, and the Denver area.

Looks like Thompson Valley EMS and Denver Health seem like good spots. Ideally I would like a pension program considering EBR EMS offers a great retirement package (if you live to see it without getting shot).

Stay safe!


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This is not meant to be discouraging but everybody wants to live in Colorado. Everybody wants to live in the Front Range. The job market is over-saturated. Wages aren't great. It's a beautiful place to be, true. Because of that, however, it's hard to break in. Fair warning before you make the leap. Don't go without having something solid set up in writing.

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I'm sure Dwayne will chime in here sometime. Especially on the colorado move thing. Dwayne come out of the third world and chime in.

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Dwayne has either been eaten by the papua pygmies or Babs has him tied up in the bedroom closet incommunicado.

Been trying to get a response from him since the holidays

Would also suggest a vacation trip to check it out in person, so you can see for your self.

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