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NYPD Mourns 2 Officers, Ambushed, shot and killed

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New York City Police Department Officer Wenjin Liu and Officer Rafael Ramos were ambushed, shot from behind, and killed, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY, 12-20-2014.

The shooter had apparently shot his ex-girlfriend earlier in the day in Baltimore, Maryland, and posted on Instagram he was coming to NYC to avenge "victims of Police killings" in Ferguson, MO, and Staten Island, NY. The postings were removed.

The gunman, after shooting the 2 Officers, fled to the NYC Subway system, where he apparently died of a self inflicted gunshot wound shortly thereafter.

One of the Officers was pronounced at the scene, the other, at a nearby hospital.

As of the time of my postings, funeral arrangements, if made, have not been publicized.

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And the twitter universe is abuzz with people in support of this scumbag who ambushed these officers. They say that the officers deserved it because of all the unarmed people who have been killed by police in the past year. Very very sad.

One protest in NY even had the protestors shouting "death to cops" which they got exactly what they chanted.

What would the public do if the police went on a one day strike? I kind of see this possibly happening one day in the future

And the animosity of the police department versus the mayor.

It's getting pretty bad out there.

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Rest in Peace brothers.

now the sad part is this deranged man has posted for some time he was going to kill cops and no one bothered to drop a dime and report all his social media threats.

Remember the soon to be motto of law enforcement :: Pull up your pants & don't loot so we don't have to shoot

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Can I make a request? I initiated this string to advise of the deaths of 2 NYPD Officers in the line of duty.

The heads of the various NYPD unions, the protesters against the police actions that resulted in 2 civilian deaths, and the decisions not to prosecute them, the Mayor of NYC, all seem to be politicizing this.
My request is simple: While I won't ask you not to post in this string, I do ask you to keep it more towards mourning the deaths of two of our brothers in a different branch of the Emergency Services Sector, not politicizing the deaths, until at least after the funerals.

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