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Have you been called a racist on a call  

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    • Yes, Maybe I am one I have been called that so many times it's my nickname
    • No, not yet at least

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Had a friend in EMS recently get called a racist while on a call for the second time. Got me wondering how many of us have been called racists before while on a call, and what the story was behind it. I can say I haven't yet, than again I am not working yet.

So here we go, let's see what happens.

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I have never been accused of racism on a call. I treat all my patients with respect, regardless of my personal feelings. Honestly, I don't see why it matters what color a person's skin is or what their culture is...if they're hurt/sick/etc is my concern...

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i have once, however the patients were all drunk and i run in an area where we have a lot of hispanics, and unfortunately the cops and the ems crew where all white and so it made things interesting... the drunks didn't like us to much. lol

one of them called us racist

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Had a partner damn near get the both of us killed in a bar because of her opinions on a certain racial group (whom happened to comprise everyone in the bar except me, her, and the bar tender....oh and our patient!)

Apparently what started all this was some dumba-- good ol' boy decided he didn't like the fact that this very large black guy had said "excuse me, miss" to his girlfriend. Well he deposited his girl at the local white trash bar and proceeded to trot his butt down the street to the other bar in town where all of the Mexicans and black guys who worked at the local refinery hung out at.

According to the witnesses, the idiot marches in like he owns the place, straight up to where this black guy is sitting at the bar and hollers "Hey you stupid n-----. I'm going to teach you some respect." Wrong thing to say when you are grossly outnumbered. Oh, and the guy he said this to well, let's just say that he was the biggest dude I had ever seen. Easily 6'7" 300lbs easy, with fists as big as my head.....our victim (um, I mean patient) well he was lucky if he was 5'8" and maybe 175 soaking wet. He hauls off and punches the black guy in the gut, and the black guy threw one punch (just one), but hit our patient in the face with enough force to break his mandible in four places, inflict various other fractures of the facial bones (including I do believe a Lefort II/III fracture). The guy, of course, was knocked out and someone called for an ambulance.

The cops and deputies were outside the bar when me and my partner showed up. "Have fun guys" was all they said to us. I went in and started working on the guy and asked what had happened. Well one of the guys told me and my partner what had happened and my partner proceeds to look straight at me and goes "We should get out of here before these n-----s do the same thing to us!" in a voice that could easily be heard by everyone within a few feet. I looked straight at her and told her to get out of there now. I then looked at the guys standing around us and said "You all should realize that just because she's a bigot and moron, doesn't mean I am one." The guy who had punched the patient looks at me and goes, "It's OK. Do what you need to do. No one will give you any problems".

We got the patient to the hospital and then headed back to the station and I chewed my partner's posterior until we were inside the station and were greeted by the service coordinator, and her husband and the guy who had hit our patient. Our coordinator's husband was a coworker and friend of the gentleman who had called them to let them know what had happened. My partner was fired on the spot and I almost got fired if it had been for the guy going, "Oh no, he handled himself very well. He didn't say anything out of line. He's cool in my book." WHEW :lol:

I don't have a problem with anyone, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, color, creed, sexual orientation.....

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usually the person is drunk/high or about to get arrested ---other than that as has been said "treat people like you would want a family member treated and it all should go fine"

I go into some of the worst situations and never have to worry -- I explain what I am doing and why --- I tell my students to remember that they are being invited into the peoples homes and it is not for them to make judgments on how they live --be respectful, ask before you touch or reach for anything -- just proper respect rules --


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Hmmmm this brings up some interesting thoughts...... we have a large Hispanic population...hence California....as well as a large homosexual population. It is tough when I see blatant disregard for our PT's rights. Everyone needs to be treated with respect no matter what. Even if they many be a male dressed like Kilnger from MASH with a twisted ankle due to 4 inch heels. :shock:

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Well i cant say that i have. Not atleast to my face anyway. I live in a community where 99.98% of the population is white. We cover 6 towns in a small part of western mass. The only time that changes is during the summer when people come to relax and visit our lakes and rivers to have a nice swim. I know there are some in our community that dont like the fact that there are people of other races in our small towns. When your on the job there is no such thing as racism, no matter how stupid the situation is that they got themselves into. Because i know damn well of atleast 3 people from out own community that have done the exact samethings. lol :lol:

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I am going to take this one step further and say that you had better know your ethnic groups within a race! Here in Arkie we have a large hispanic population and if you refer any of them as "mexican" you are in for:

1. An ass kicking after you get off duty

2. Ass chewing from your supervisor.

It also helps if you can speak their language. Most hispanics see that if you are speaking their language it is a sign of respect for them and sometimes the older ladies will bake you authentic hispanic treats and bring them to the station for the whole squad.

Im just lucky Im multi-lingual (English, Spanish, German, Swedish)


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