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So Im in EMT school and yes i know ill be accused of wanting all of the new gear but all i was really looking at was a new knife. The ones i am curently looking at are the Gerber Hindere Rescue knife (has a serrated edge with a blunt point) and seat belt cuter and the Gerber Hindered CLS which has a pointed blade and finally the victorinox rescue knife. I want something that is useful for EMS situations but i can also use as an EDC knife.

Thanks for the help threes links to all of them below:

Gerber Hindere Rescue knife


Gerber Hinderer CLS


Victorinox Rescue Tool


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In all honesty a good quality multi-tool will probably serve you the best. This is one of my favorites.


This is the newest version of the one I've carried for the last 7 years on the job.


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I love my Leatherman Rebar. I was given a pair of Leatherman Raptor shears that live in the center console of my command rig but are a touch bulky for belt space and I don't like wearing stuff in ems pants cargo pockets.


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Gerber crucial I love the design of this mult itool but i was wondering do you think the hole on the seat belt cutter will fit on top of an o2 tank to open it up in case the tool goes missing? Also what do you think of the letherman OTH:


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30 years in EMS and I fairly quickly came down to 3 pairs of examination gloves in my pocket, 1 pair of scissors and a pen light on my belt. No more heavy tools - cutting seat belts is possible with the scissors and our O2 tanks can be opened by an attached hand wheel, no tool necessary for that. However, I'm considering to enhance the number of gloves (on trauma calls I put on two pairs of gloves, then I can get rid of one pair after the messy first minutes without fiddling and losing time to slip into another "clean" pair). OK, I have to confess: I carry a small swiss army knife on my private keychain, which contains a very small blade, a can opener, a small screwdriver, tweezers and a toothpick. But all those tools were in use between calls only, so far.

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