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I used to work for a Boy Scout camp at which i still volunteer at. I was, at one point, in charge of the medical office. One of the biggest frustrations I had was not having access to a vehicle in an emergency. The camp is 2000 +/- acres. The camp itself has two John Deere gators with a truck-style bed, not suitable for medical treatment.
So basically what I am looking for is some type of grant to help purchase a John Deere/Polaris/Honda, etc. UTV with a medical/rescue skid unit to transport patients. The camp is non-profit.
Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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They make a medical skid for the rear of the gator also.

We had them when the gator first came out and had a stretcher mount made for them which would hold either a folding stretcher or a long board and allow three responders to get to remote areas where ambulances couldn't.

As far as grant funding: you could try local UTV dealers and see if they have a lease donor program that will allow them to give the camp use of a unit for the season after which it would go back to them.

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Be careful with grants. Yes, you can find free money, but it usually comes with a whole lot of paperwork strings that can be a hassle. You may do just as well to find a good used vehicle or find a dealership that may donate a trade-in to you or give you a great discount. as long as you put a sign on it that says "donated by the good folks at ABC ATV, Golf Cart, or Jeep Dealership"

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thats usually how free money works Mikey.

You fill out lots of paperwork & if the donor organization likes what you wrote they give you either a check or equipment in kind as a donation they can write off from their federal taxes.

I've written many grant applications from a simple single page letter to a 100 page form.

Last time I checked the total in funding received was over $1,738,000.00 to 501c3 organizations from both government and private foundation funding grants.

gotten everything from AED's to firetrucks & everything in between funded.

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