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OMG EMT on TLC wow horrible show horrible medics


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Honestly I don't know what's up with some of the shows on these days. It's like half the channels running low-budget shows are filler-material between the other channels running low-budget shows.

How do you guys survive without 3000 channels of nothing to watch?

We have more money to buy food.

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I well remember the 1 AM sign off with High flight and snow after that until 6 AM

Now you can have a hundred shopping channels and more infomercials than you can spend $19.99 plus $14.99 shipping & handling on.

I can get 4 channels on a clear day and thats 3 more than I can watch at one time

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I had a chance the other night to turn on the TV. Watched Mash reruns for an hour and then put on antiques roadshow. That was my fix for the week along with reading a 450 page paperback.

Lol, nice humblebrag.

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