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OMG EMT on TLC wow horrible show horrible medics


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These so called emt's and Paramedics really make all EMS look like idiots. "Its a pediatric call so makes our adrenaline go up", why they are still just another patient. "We need to keep patient calm not just because it could cause heart issues but could send them into shock", holy crap it was only a minor injury.

I could not watch more than that as so much horse crap.

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I'm sorry. I had to look it up. I had to watch it.

It was awful. -_-"

But then...it's on TLC. I kinda don't think it matters how professional or competent these medics and EMTs are in real life. TLC is just gonna screw them. TLC screws everything up. They are not to be taken seriously. Too bad most people don't know that.

The biggest problem is the way that the general public's view of EMS will change...id est, 'another subject on (heavily edited) reality TV'.

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I've had this discussion on another site.

Remember who watches TLC - that is who they are catering to.

Remember that the other shows on TLC include Here comes Honey boo boo and other garbage

Most patients will not identiffy themselves as the ones who are being showcased on this "true to life" show and my bet is that they would be honored to be on this show - since they would be able to say "I was on a reality show".

Finally, the most recent ratings numbers that I can come up with for this show is that less than 1 million people have watched this on given week and consider that that number is actually extrapolated out so really in the nielsons, that means that 1% of their raters watched the show and the nielssons just extrapolate the numbers.

Here's the deal - we have many in our ranks who are arrested for child porn, for other things and also have yahoo's who drive like idiots and then kill people. We have enough people in our ranks that make us look bad that we are doing an ok job ourselves. The news shows on the local channels have a higher viewership than this show will ever have and they show us at our worst.

So we need to settle down and not worry about this show. Just exercise your GOD given right and talent and click up or down on the remote control when you come this garbage.

If you really want to make a difference, contact the advertisers who advertise on this show and tell them you won't buy their products anymore. That is more effective than ranting and raving about this on this forum.

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Oh come on, don't be so hard. Just remember, EMS means Eat More Sandwiches.

Ha Ha or E.M.S Earn Money Sleeping, But I work in Chicago so we do not get much sleep I wish we did sometimes.

This is the worst show on Emergency Medicine I have ever seen or will ever see again hopefully, but that is just my opinion on this matter, it is about as far from how things actually go as it can be and way way fictional even though it leads a borderline functional needs person to think it is real and you would have to be functional needs aptitude to believe that this show is really how things go in the field. It shines such a bad light and shows us in a incompetent way and that is to bad.

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