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Add a caption to this....


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Just mentioning, a few decades ago, I saw FDNY fighting a wide area brush fire, on the other side of a 4 lane each direction mile long stretch of roadway, from where the fire hydrants were. No hose bridges, but an ingenious idea...they ran the hose in mid-air from two extended areal ladder companies over the roadway, much like they do a flag arch. Only 1 lane each direction closed in the effort, too.

For those who would say, run a tank truck, no can do, as the area is tidal swampland. Any truck would have sunk in the mud. Besides, FDNY then as now, didn't have tank trucks, and was decades away from "Stump-Jumpers", which also would have sunk.

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Oh dude....way cool! That trains gonna like, catch air maaaaaan! Like, Awesome dude, like, air time dude. And then the garden hose will explode in like, a sploosh of water spray that will like, frame the train in like a halo of rainbow colored awesomeness. Totally!!! OK like, when's the train coming dude? Dude? whoa....

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