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Added one to the uglyEMT clan!


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Hey everyone. Haven't been around for a few weeks. We had our first child :) Now I'm a proud Daddy to a beautiful healthy baby girl :D

She was born January 2nd (I know missed it by one day LOL) and since then my life has revolved around her. Every chance I get i just want to be holding her or watching her. Needless to say the internet took a break.

Now I am back into the routine of working and life in general, was a nice little vacation.

So without further a due...

Please welcome Teresa

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Is it too soon to fit her for a Paramedic uniform?


Never too early :) Actually gives me a great idea for an outfit :D

Thanks everyone. I will put up a few more pics in a day or two. Right now I'm digging out from close to two feet of snow.

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