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The most hated question.

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I had a friend in med school who was completely disgusted by feet. Her months on the medicine floors were torture because everyone was a diabetic and needed foot checks. She ended up going into psychiatry.

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Interesting, this question never bothered me until a couple of years ago. In fact, i used to borrow a line from "bringing out the dead" where cage's character answers "Lima beans on a pizza", so i changed it to "baked beans on a pizza" and they usually get the hint that i don't want to share it.

If they don't get the hint, the next answer is "I don't want to talk about it"

Some things are just for me.

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The worst time I got asked that question was during one of my recerts by an IFT guy. Half the people in class gave him a WTF look and I just told him to... well you know.

I know my family at first asked about my calls that day but after a few times it turned from asking to just inquiring if I am doing OK.

The only time I retold a story was for a teaching moment in a civilian CPR class after the instructor was sugar coating CPR to the class making it seem like if you do CPR, ask for an AED and pump 100 times a minute the person will live. I left out a lot but got the point across that its not always roses, most of the time you are just delaying the inevitable.

I like the idea of the burned foot and just telling them to hug their kids. Might try that one.

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