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pre course material

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Greetings one and all, hope everyone is well and keeping somewhat out of mischief.

I am working on courses at the moment (writing) and one is the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care course (PHEC) the course is designed to run over three days to give the students the qualification of PHEC provider, first responder. Alot of the clientelle in the course are industrial rescue squads. The three day course is the initial acquisition of skills sessions and theory based which then moves onto continuing education modules every 3 to 6 months.

Has anyone developed pre course material in the digital format (interactive CD's/DVD's, multimedia films or online quizzes)? I am thinking about the material involved and there is alot to cover in three days including assessments for practical skills etc. Does anyone have any advice, tips, links or suggestions for developing such materials?

I have had alot of positive feedback from students about the course and their knowledge retention is high in the three month and six month testing periods post their initial course.

Many thanks, look forward to hearing from you guys and gals.


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