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For those of you who read or follow Nocturnal Medics on Facebook you will recognize the name.

Call the Cops did a great write up on this guy and I have read about this guy VooDoo over the past year or so from Noc's facebook page and he seemed pretty cool.

Here's the write up about him in CalltheCops


This is the text of the article in case the link doesn't open. Make sure you read some of the other comments on the page they are pretty good and funny. I like the Chuck Norris one "Voo Doo was the 1st and only to precardial thump Chuck Norris in cardiac arrest"

Even Kelly Grayson commented on this guy.

This week the community of EMS and Public Safety related pages on Facebook lost a dear friend, a man who used the name VooDoo. While VooDoo had many friends, few people truly knew him. The chosen few who did, knew VooDoo to be humble person willing to put others before himself.


Our Friend VooDoo… we miss you brother

VooDoo would like everyone to think he was an average guy. But the reality is VooDoo lived five days to your one. VooDoo never wrote an article for CallTheCops, but he gave us many good ideas that became articles you all loved. So the authors here at CallTheCops we wanted to share just a few the legendary stories we know about our friend that the general public does not.

We wanted to tell you about some of his exploits in the USMC his missions in Iraq are still classified. To recount them here on an open forum would invite the NSA and DOD to come harass us. So we will limit our stories to his time as a paramedic.

In June of 2012 VooDoo was dispatched to a residential structure fire. He was posted less than a block away. He and his partner arrived before the first fire engine. Neighbors out side said they think a 12-year-old girl was trapped in the house. With out a second though VooDoo ran into the burning house. He found the girl and her dog. But VooDoo then could not exit the way he came in. VooDoo broke out a rear window and exited the home with the two victims. Both victims were PnB, so single handedly VooDoo did CPR on both the girl and the dog. By the time additional units arrived on scene and found him in the backyard, VooDoo had gotten a pulse back on both the girl and her puppy.

In Feburary of 2013 VooDoo was on an airplane flying to an EMS convention. When a passenger started to have an allergic reaction, likely to some peanuts. The passenger was having a hard time breathing and his airway was swelling closed. Because the TSA does not allow anything useful on an airplane, so VooDoo had to pull a MacGyver. Muttering “This is why we can’t have nice things” VooDoo Used nothing more than a plastic spork, a cheap pen, some toilet paper, and three bottles of airline vodka, VooDoo preformed and emergency Tracheotomy, saving the mans life.

In September of 2013 he was on standby for a suicidal subject that had turned into a SWAT stand off. After three hours of negations that seem to be going no place VooDoo overhears that the suspect is a Marie. With out any protection VooDoo sprints past the SWAT team permitted and into the house. VooDoo never told us what it was he said to the man but it only took him 15 minutes to get the suspect to surrender.

Finally just a few weeks ago in early January 2014 VooDoo was called to a home for a lady in labor. Due to blizzard conditions VooDoo and his partner had to park their ambulance on a major street and then VooDoo walked alone the two blocks to the house, while his partner stayed in the rig to wait for a snowplow to clear a path to the home. VooDoo entered the house to find the women being looked after by a so-called midwife. This home birth was not going according to “plan”. Once the snowplow arrived on scene his partner came to aid VooDoo. But the job was already done, a set of twin boys were enjoying their first moments of life.

These are just a few tales about the man that called himself VooDoo. He may have passed on, but his legacy lives on in all the lives he saved.

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The stories are just fun Chuck Norris stories but the medic who died is very very real. It was their tribute to him because I believe he actually was the brainchild behind some of the CalltheCops stories on medics and fire fighters.

He is very much a real medic who passed recently.

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Kind of young to die @ 32.

But from his photo's it looks like he didn't meet a big Mac he didn't like.

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