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You might be working for Rural EMS If......

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When your fire department decides these hats are better than helmets.

When its not a party until someone gets naked.

Taking pic's of your buddies and forgetting your truck has a FD plate.

Good ol back woods fire departments. Yee Haw! Now thats what i call a cow boy.


love the pic! B)

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When you code 3 to a single car MVA...for 18 miles up a dirt road...and the dirt road is called the turnpike....and the MVA was minivan v. Moose...and your partner gets the game warden to give him the carcass! This happened with one of our sister-service's crews.

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-have ever had first responders tell you over the radio not to take a certain road because there was a bunch of moose on the road (yes this has happened to me!)

-have ever been to a car versus cow and told the patient that he should probably go to the hospital because he tucked and rolled out of his car and we couldn't find it (this happened to me too!)

-have ever gone to a moose versus car and stole some moose hair to put in the truck's fun call journal (someone else on my squad did this!)

-don't know any other way to start IVs but on the dirt road in the middle of winter or mud season (what some call spring)

-have ever had a random person with chains on their trucks pull your ambulance out of the ditch in the trailer park that your driver accidentally backed into resulting in the first responders starting to carry chains in their trucks "for next time"

-the local bar is considered the "other station"

You got us. Our local bar is "Station Two" :P
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-After responding to an mva for about 10 miles where you can see the fire trucks and then you hear fire dept tell dispatch to advise us the road is out in front of us! thanks for the updated scene size up guys!

-You are advised the patients house is the one with the light on, once on the road every house has their lights on except for one which is your patients house, light is off because it burned out 3 years ago!

-You work with a medic and he advises dispatch we are on scene of a full ocde and need help, dispatch asks do you need man power or do you need a medic? medic yells across the air I AM THE FUC*ING MEDIC!

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