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You might be working for Rural EMS If......

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My service really did have someone hit a deer with the buggy, tie it to the top of the ambulance and bring it back to the station (yes they called themselves 10-7-out of service while doing this) and yes, we had venison stew for dinner and it was good. Enough said there

Worked for a service that had a 4x4 ambulance. Was really jacked up, had to run and jump to get up into it. Very comical for my partner to watch, scared patients half to death ! Was most helpful though in really rural areas when we got stuck in flooded creeks !

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When you wish that your dispatch was smart enough to tell you 3rd dirt road, 5Th house instead of "mollies rd" and you have no clue what that is.

When the normal turn-out gear on a MVA is shorts and sandals.

When they tell you to go to the good station, the one that's NOT on the dirt road.

When your rig is blocked by the neighbors cows blocking the road.

If the first responders are required on all calls to find the house.

When the redneck in overalls, no shirt on the ATV is the fire chief.

When your county maps and dispatch are so bad that the 20 mins to find the house is considered normal.

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the problem with small town calls ,are most all of them violate hippa.

it seems not to many care about privacy anymore :D

HIPPA does not exist in rural EMS we all just refer to it as hippo

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(I have pictures to prove it) -_-

Yeh thats why we show up to all accidents, 20 min for pd to show up.

My picture was on front page, pulling guy out of van, indept t-shirt and shorts. We did the traffic control after for about an hour.

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Used your siren to harass the livestock- best was a dog doing a backward flip and running behind the house.

Named your first run ambulance deerslayer.

Stopped to get the dead alligator out of the road-and it wasn't!! Lost the truck broom on that one.

Thought you were running into a license check in town at three in the morning Nope another gator (14 ft per DNR) and seriously ask your Lt., who is a reserve deputy, not to mace the #%$ gator cause you've already run 4 calls that night for his macing attacks. Gator got maced and shot. Eventually the Lt. left fire/ems for law enforcement. He had anger issues!

Called the patient for directions to the house. Got to love dispatch and dirt roads huh?

Had your first in vehicle on possible structure fire be a tractor. I swear to god the tractor got there first.

Drove through a major MVA on the way to a stabbing and had to pick up one of the MVA's on the way back because there weren't any more ambulances in the county.

Have the ER call your service for a full code because they don't know how to work it.

Have your frequent-flier crack head call 911 from your base. They dispatched the FD which was next door (2oo-ft away)

and he asked for directions. Ambulance was out of the county due to no more hospital in the county. I guess a hospital that has to call 911 for a code should be out of business!!

Deer vs. truck call. The deer was eye-balling me from the back seat of the truck after going through the windshield. We had to shut down traffic on a 4 lane to get it out. Last seen the deer was fine.

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